Inner Dialogue™ helps us to be the best we can be.

All human beings are unique and are born with an original blueprint that maps out our potential. Fulfilling our blueprint is the purpose of life but circumstances often get in the way.

Through the process of Inner Dialogue we become aware of what's holding us back and this 'knowing' enables the 'ah ha' moment that gets us back on track.

Inner Dialogue bypasses the conscious mind to elicit information through the language of hand modes or gestures. It is primarily a non-verbal system  that assists in the unfolding of a narrative from the client. This information gives us an understanding of what underlies the client's present dilemma, question, state or illness. It leads to an appropriate therapeutic process which aids healing or resolution and helps to restore health, wellbeing, dynamism and wholeness.

I am available for consultations in London.

Some of the conditions treated:

Eating disorders
Poor school performance
Relationship difficulties